Diagnosis and repair of equipment in our laboratory, or in the place where they are located.


Located in JAEJ; we have the necessary special instruments (with their due updated calibrations), to be able to make an adequate diagnosis and repair of equipment.


We provide service throughout the country, to offer a faster response, we have technicians strategically located in various parts of the country.

Technical Staff

Our technical staff receives continuous certification and training in the respective factories before marketing an equipment, making sure to apply all the specific procedures stipulated by the manufacturer of the equipment.

Spare parts

We have a wide variety of original parts in our stock to provide a quick response to most repairs.

Maintenance Plans

We can plan our "tailor-made" services to meet your needs and the specific requirements of your teams. Our plan of preventive maintenance programs also includes emergency interventions due to accidental breakage, as well as significant discounts on accessories and original spare parts. For each service programmed, the Institution is provided with a report on the status of the equipment and the tasks performed on it, allowing us to have a true "clinical history" of each one. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


Education is one of the fundamental pillars of the company. We like to study, discuss and share knowledge. And we do it actively by organizing and/or participating in theoretical and practical workshops, courses, talks, as well as providing equipment for other disseminators to carry out their activities. We can also generate “tailor-made” educational programs covering clinical or technical application topics, for which we have our own resources and all the support of our strategic partners.


In JAEJ we are aware of the importance and challenge involved in the process of acquiring new technologies. That is why we offer our customers the experience and knowledge of specialized product engineers during all stages of the process, from the beginning for the selection of the equipment, the start up following all the manufacturer’s indications, and very specially the training to users. But for us the most important objective of the process is that patients, users and the institution receive the benefits of the acquired technology. We know that this is a long term objective, and once again, we will be there providing all the necessary support to achieve it.